How Fashion Chains Create an $8 Top [Via RadioWest]

NPR’s RadioWest, hosted by Doug Fabrizio, invited Elizabeth on the show in May to discuss Overdressed, the rise of cheap fashion and all that textile waste that we’re producing as a result. The interview was in preparation for a community event lecture at local businesses, Pizza Nono and Mabo Clothing.

Here’s how RadioWest touted the show: Try to imagine 18 tons of clothes. It’s the image journalist and author Elizabeth Cline said surprised her the most while researching her book about the way Americans dress. That’s because that pile represented three-days of donations to one thrift store in one U.S. city. And what’s the impact of the cheap fashion we buy and toss on such a regular basis? Cline speaks to NPR’s RadioWest host Doug Fabrizio about the high cost of cheap fashion.

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