Are Major Fashion Brands Finally Going Green? [China Global TV Network]


In time for China Fashion Week, Elizabeth spoke live on China Global Television Network‘s Global Business program about major brands going green. How do consumers really know which companies have strong environmental credentials? And who is greenwashing? Watch the full clip here.

Elizabeth says:

How do you know which brands are really being green versus greenwashing:
“It’s all about looking at which companies approach sustainability systemically. They have to look at the whole picture. So you really need to know which brands are looking at the way they use water; and which brands are looking at the materials that are going into their clothes; and which brands are paying attention to the waste they’re producing and are really looking at the big picture.”

Is it difficult for brands to be green?

“The downside for designers working in ethical is fashion is that people always go back to it being expensive. But especially when it goes back to consumer behavior, it’s so affordable to buy things that you love and buy things that you want to wear for longer.”

Millennial shoppers expect sustainable products

“The next generation of consumers that are coming along expect products to be sustainable but they also expect them to be beautiful and affordable, so whatever brand can get the formula of affordability, fashionability and accessibility is going to win.”

On the rise of resale and secondhand shopping

“A lot of secondhand clothing is moving online, so people can go online to sites like The Real Real or Tradesy or rental websites and get clothing that way and it’s such an easy and affordable way to make your wardrobe more sustainable. It couldn’t be more pain-free for consumers and I think it’s a lot of fun, too.”

Elizabeth Cline