ThredUP Features Elizabeth L. Cline for International Women's Day

For International’s Women’s Day, on March 6, resale website thredUP featured a group of women who celebrate Mother Earth and fashion by choosing used. The Conscious Closet author Elizabeth L. Cline was among those profiled. To spread love, good vibes, and thrifty wisdom, the company tapped into the secondhand community about why they love choosing used. Here’s a portion of Elizabeth’s interview.

ThredUP:Why do you choose used and what percent of your wardrobe is used?

Elizabeth Cline: I was once a bit of a fast fashion addict, so shopping used allows me to still update my closet without the impact on the planet. It’s also dirt-cheap. I have built a dynamic, high quality wardrobe for fast fashion prices by shopping used. There is too much clothing out in the world already and 16.4 billion pounds of reusable or recyclable clothing is going into U.S. landfills every year. Shopping secondhand is a win-win for the planet and my personal style. My wardrobe is 90% secondhand.

You can read the full interview over the on the thredUP blog!