The Conscious Closet Is a "Must-Read," Says Booklist

The first trade review is in for THE CONSCIOUS CLOSET, and it is *starred* by Booklist, an important trade magazine for reviewers, librarians, booksellers, and industry folk. Reviewer Barbara Jacobs raves about the book, calling it, “A must-read for all fashion-lovers who care about the state of the planet.”

”It’s time to source [fashion] sustainably and buy/recycle more ethically. Luckily, Cline has six-step process to help readers do just that. By no means an overnight process, her phases—goodbye, fast fashion; the art of less—and of more; a handbook to sustainable fashion; make it last; and the fashion revolution (which outlines making living wages a reality and other road maps for change)—require a lot of learning, and conscious efforts to curb the excess. The directions, though, are very readable and peppered with information readers will retain.”