Five Simple Slow Fashion Tips [Via Italian Rêve]


If you’ve yet to check out The Italian Rêve, an online bilingual (Italian and English) magazine about fashion, beauty and cinema, the time is now. This team of passionate young professionals based in Milan have covered everything from Milan Fashion Week as well as this year’s Fashion Revolution. They spoke to Elizabeth about how we can tackle our Overdressed world. You can read the full interview here.

Here are Elizabeth’s five simple slow fashion tips from the interview:


Take Your Time
“In order to build a wardrobe of clothes that you love, you simply have to go slow and make your choices carefully and deliberately. You have to take your time.”


Get Out of Chain Stores
“There are countless designers and brands who make quality products. Getting out of the chain stores is often the first step toward discovering them.”


Save Up
“I hope more shoppers consider setting aside money for the clothes they really want. We live in a culture of instant gratification and sometimes high quality clothes requires waiting and saving.”


Change Your Mindset
“I think you can bond with a piece of clothing no matter where it’s from – new, cheap, expensive, recycled, vintage, etc. It’s all about your mindset and your intent.”


Be Your Own Sleuth
“We should all do our own research into the brands we love. [In addition to making more responsible purchases], it’s just as important to put pressure and expectations on the stores where we are currently shopping.”