Overdressed - Elizabeth L. Cline

Sewing Hope – John Kline and Sarah Adler-Milstein

Naked Fashion - Safia Minney and Lucy Siegle

Behind the LabelEdna Bonacich  and Richard Appelbaum

Craft of Use - Kate Fletcher

Cradle to Cradle - Michael Braungart

Clothing Poverty –Andrew Brooks

Wear No Evil – Greta Egan

Magnifeco – Kate Black

Eco Fashion – Sass Brown

Refashioned – Sass Brown

To Die For – Lucy Siegle

The Song of the Shirt – Jeremy Seabrook

Empire of Cotton – Sven Beckert

Stitched Up – Tansy E. Hoskins

ECORenaissance – Marci Zaroff

Emotionally Durable Design – Jonathan Chapman

Slave to Fashion – Safia Minney

Slaves to Fashion – Robert Ross

Slow Fashion – Safia Minney

Why Fashion Matters – Frances Corner

Wardrobe Crisis – Clare Press

Worn Stories, Worn Stories in New York – Emily Spivack

Women in Clothes – Sheila Heti, Heidi Julavits, Leanne Shapton

Natural dyeing

Natural Color – Sasha Duerr

Harvesting Color – Rebecca Burgess

Modern Natural Dyer – Kristine Vejar

Eco Colour – India Flint


Fix Your Clothes – Raleigh Briggs

Mending Matters – Katrina Odobaugh

Make and Mend – Jessica Marquez

Love Clothes Last – Fashion Revolution