H&M Is a Victim of the Fast Fashion System It Created [LA Times Op-Ed]


Fast fashion giant H&M is struggling. Profits are in decline, and they’ve got $4.3 billion in unsold goods. While it might be tempting to project victory over fast fashion into the chain’s decline, I argue in an article in the LA Times Opinion section that fast fashion isn’t slowing down. It’s toll on garment workers and the environment is growing, and the need for activism and change in the fashion industry is greater than ever.

I write: “The internet is flooded with schadenfreude over H&M’s woesand proponents of a more sustainable fashion industry are projecting victory into the chain’s decline. But do H&M’s troubles reflect the fact that shoppers are buying fewer pre-ripped jeans or jumping ship for more ethical and sustainable clothing brands?.”

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Elizabeth Cline